Cos'e' la Titubanda? (Italiano)
Qui est la Titubanda? (Français)
¿Qué es la Titubanda? (Español)

The Titubanda, from the Italian "titubare"-the wavering band-, is a wind and percussion ensamble of musicians started on the first of May 1998 during a street theater performance.
Since its debut, the Titubanda has been known for its Latin American repertoire. Gradually, the band got into playing Eastern European songs as well as revised jazz classics while its personnel increased to its present number of thirty-five.
Its repertoire includes about twentyfive songs: a long musical journey from Cuba to Bombay through the Balkans, from Brooklyn to Cairo, reinterpreting classics like Domenico Modugno, the King Crimson, Charles Mingus and Khaled as well... along with original songs composed by members of the band.
Musical direction, internal organization and activities are strictly managed by the members, as well as financial support. The band is a non profit association and does not receive any aid or found by local institutions, which gives great freedom even though reducing the group's potentials and facilities.
Distinguishing features of the Titubanda are its community involvement and participation in demonstrations aimed at promoting civic causes but also playing spontaneously in Rome's streets and squares in an attempt to revive a now vanished atmosphere in the super hi-tech western world.

The Titubanda has always maintained close contact with the activities of the social centers, both sharing community based projects and musical rehersal space. Moreover, the band's autonomous, roving musical presence is by definition a political statement. The "raison d'être" of the band -open to everyone-makes it a social laboratory (aside from being an interesting psychological experiment) as well as a musical and humane meeting place.

Looking outwardly, the band's presence in the streets and piazza's of the city gives it a poetic impact in strident dissonance with the rhythm and individualistic phobias of western society. An approximate in-tune dissonance which creates immediate involvement, touching deep chords, desires for socializing and need for celebrations which are always repressed in "normal" day-to-day life.
Last, but not least, among Titubanda's priorities is succeeding in playing a well-tuned A minor chord!

Titubanda "Zibibbo tour" un mistical tour in Sicilia, 1999
Titubanda and friends "Bande in viaggio" Certaldo, Roma, Napoli, Firenze, 2000
Titubanda "Fino alle Tre" live at Locanda Atlantide, Roma 2001
Titubanda "...Casa e Chiesa" rehearsal diary at CSA Ex Snia Viscosa, 2001
Titubanda "La Torre" una raccolta degli ultimi successi, 2002
Titubanda "La notte della Titurantola" live at CSOA La Torre 21/12/2002, 2002
Titubanda "CD pro Chiapas" Supporting development projects in Chiapas, Mexico, 2003
Titubanda "Sette" recorded at Ciak Studios (Rome) and at Ex Snia Viscosa, between 2004 & 2005
AAVV "Sbandata 2004" , AAVV "Sbandata 2005", with the bands involved in the two latest editions of "Sbandata Romana"
Titubanda "Balkan Tour '07" recorded live during the 2007 summer tour (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia)
Titubanda "THE GRINDER" packaged for export overseas, october 2008
Titubanda "Altri Mondi", 2011
AAVV "CD Sbandata 2013" with the bands involved

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